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Thai Massage

Thai Massage – not really of Thailand !

Hey, did you know that Thai Message is not really of Thailand origin? Yes, this form of massage has actually originated in India, it is said that the physician of Lord Buddha first used it. It is vastly influenced by Yoga. Over time, this practice has gained patronage in Thailand, and has been influenced by Chinese medicines. The Thai Massage today is a good mix of yoga and Chinese practices.

So, what you actually get in Thai Massage

Many people say, Thai Message is actually passive yoga, where your therapist makes you do yoga postures by gentle movement of your body along desired directions. Unlike regular massage, you are not really made to undress and cover in towel, rather in this massage, you wear loose fitting comfortable dresses that make you feel relaxed during different movements. Very little or no oil is used. Thai Massage is great if you are looking at increasing body flexibility, reducing stress, increasing energy, increasing concentration, improving blood circulation-feeling healthy and good.

thai-massageDuration expected

Go for a 60 minute session at minimum. For a great result though, 90 minutes is the best one.

Best Thai Massage in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

We have some really good Massage Therapists in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR for this massage. Thai Massage requires good deal of professional expertise and our guys are greatly professional, and our prices are lowest in the market. Speak to us today, and plan you massage session. You will love the massage ! :)

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