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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage – whats so sweet-dish about it? 😉

Are you a first timer, or a not-so-regular with massage? Are you feeling some intense pain and hardness on your muscles and joints? You may then opt for Swedish massage.

Swedish massage basically follows the western concepts of anatomy and physiology. Quite often, the massage is more intense and effective. The therapist is likely to work in deep tissues and joints, rather than momentary rub over skin. You can identify specific problem areas on body for your therapist to focus. However, Swedish massage need not always be intense, many therapists would go quite soft on you using sufficient lubricants and giving you a smooth feeling. Tell your therapist your preferences and she would serve you accordingly (intensity, pressure, trouble areas, if any)

Gurgaon offers great Swedish massage options

In Gurgaon, almost all the top spas have Swedish massage. Go for a 60 minute session if you have less time, else, a 90 minute session will heal you to the core. Call us now ( +91 9911610558) or email: [email protected] Massage , and we shall tell you of the best Swedish massage packages available in Gurgaon, Delhi –wherever you are. Feel free to discuss about your apprehensions. Enjoy the massage ! :)

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