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Massage in Surat

Surat is one of the oldest port city of India. Surat has its own interesting historical background; it was mentioned in the epic tales like “The Mahabharata”. It is the place where Lord Krishna halted during his journey from Mathura to Dwarka. In the year, 1512 and in 1530 Surat city was emaciated by the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese explorer Duarte Barbosa defined Surat as a significant seaport thatwas well connected with various parts of the world.In the year 1608, ships that were labelled under the English East India Company started docking in this particular city for trade and transit point.

Surat is known for producing textiles.The textile hub of the nation is also known as the Silk City of India. Surat also gained its popularity for its cotton mills.It is the chief center of MMF “man-made fiber” in India.The Gujarat government has planned another project like GIFT city in Surat. Government has developed “DREAM” which stands for Diamond Research and Mercantile City.This city comprises of five and seven star hotels, corporate trading house, IT and entertainment zone, banks, etc. With tremendous development across Surat, the city also demanded the need of spa and massage centers in Surat.

Massage Treatments

Massage treatments have become relatively popular in recent years among the people of the society especially due to the introduction of the reasonable massage and spa rejuvenating offers. Massage therapy is actually functioning and acting on an individual’s body with pressure or vibration, either physically or with some mechanical aids.

There are various types of massages which are available in this city:

  • Acupressure is an ancient therapeutic art that uses the fingers to press key points on the outward area of the skin to stimulate the natural inner curative abilities.
  • Acupuncture is undertaken with the help of needles and by giving firm pressure of hands and feet.
  • Dance therapies focus on personal expression to enhance emotional and psychological healing. Using expressive dance moves as major a tool for the treatment of physically disabled. It also heals the clients with a bad account related to abuse and addiction.
  • Four hand massage is the therapy that involves two specialists for a consecutive massage provided to the client’s left and right sides. This is practiced in a particular way so that it can exert equal pressure for a balanced experience.

Massage to soothe the body and enjoy life!

Massage is no longer a luxurious desire; it is now an utter need of an individual. If a person is stressed out with the burden of work, deadlines and unruly routine, that person will definitely want to step out to the nearest massage therapy center for some rejuvenation and relaxation treatment. Massage treatment and spa culture is gaining popularity with the course of time in Surat city. “Wellness” and “Healthy lifestyle” are the new key words for today’s people. Weightage is given to mental relaxation, rejuvenation, yoga, workout, etc. People are more cautious about their health and want to spend money on these massage treatments. Splurge and intoxicate yourself in wellness by visiting massage centres in Surat in areas like Athwa, Parle Point, Star Bazar at Hazira - Adajan Road, Vesu, Magdalla, etc. The best will be to connect with us and know the ideal massage center for you.

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