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Massage in Mysore

Mysore is the third largest and a popular city in Karnataka which was named after the Hindu mythology God, Mahishasura. With a glorious history of rulers like Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali when it was a princely state, Mysore even today has all the lavish palaces of these rulers, and they are major tourist attractions. Being the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore, the wonder city, is full of palaces, art galleries and museums, thanks to the Wodeyar rulers who were patrons of all art forms. Though all Hindu festivals are celebrated with a lot of fervor, the celebrations of Dusshera see people from all over the world coming to be a part of the grand event. The Mysore Masala Dosa has its own place in every Dosa place in the country. Also the Mysore silk sarees are very famous.

The wonders of a good Massage

The power of healing by just a touch is what sets massages apart from other forms of treatment. Ever since the Chinese gave this practice a name, massages have become a part of our society where not only do people opt for it for relaxing but also for experiencing therapeutic treatments. The person receiving the massage is made to lie on a massage table or sit on a massage chair or even made to lie on a mat on the floor. Then the masseuse uses different techniques, be it by simple touch or using herbs or needles to ensure the person is completely relaxed and feels rejuvenated after the massage.

The facilities and equipment required during a massage

The massage table is the most commonly used tool in a massage wherein the person has to lie on it with face down, but there is a horse shoe shaped hole for the face so that the person can breathe easily. The massage chairs have easy portability as compared to massage tables and also the person doesn’t have to remove robes to get a chair massage. Hence, these chairs are usually a better choice as compared to the massage tables.

There are techniques which require bodywork in the water like in the case of Watsu. This technique requires ‘warm water therapy pools’. A person receives therapeutic effect by standing in the pool with the water reaching to his/her chest. Also, there are varieties of showers that are used for water related massages. The masseuses use different kinds of oils, herbs and creams during massages depending on the client’s requirements.

Mysore’s Massage and Spa Centers

The different spa and massage centers in Mysore follow various massaging techniques, but the Thai massage is a very famous style in the city. Thai massage is a full body massage that starts from the feet. Even Ayurvedic massages are prevalent in Mysore. Once you are in Mysore, it is best to forget all your worries and relax at the spas or massaging centers. With spa and massage centers in Mysore, the city doesn’t just hold the Indian heritage gracefully but also has a flourishing massaging industry.

We truly understand that after going through a long list of massage centers in Mysore, one can definitely get confused in choosing the ideal one. Hence to solve this, we will direct you to the ideal center near you.

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