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Lomi Lomi

Experience the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage! :)


Lomi Lomi massage is basically the term used to describe massage therapist in Hawaiian Language. Just as Ayurveda and Thai massages carry Indian flavor, lomi lomi massage has a good deal of Hawaiian touch in the massage. Before you read more.. just watch the video below.

Experience lomi lomi massage after a hard week at work, and you will experience deep relaxation from within. Deep tissue massage in lomi lomi would wipe off the stress and strain of your body and make you much younger and energetic in just an hour and half’s session. Lomi lomi massage is offered by many good spas in Gurgaon. So, you need not worry about availability. Price, you need not worry about. what are we for? :) Just call us at:  +91 9911610558 or email: [email protected] Massage

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