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Massage in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a beautiful and clean city;a definite sight to watch. It falls under the list of the union territories in India and is a capital of two Indian states –Punjab and Haryana. The city is divided into various sectors which look astonishingly alike to a new visitor. Undoubtedly, the city is very well planned and has won many accolades for being one of the cleanest cities in the whole country. Also, the city has abundant exciting places to visit and chill at like the Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, The New Lake in Sector 42, City Center in Sector 17, Capitol Complex in Sector 1, Open hand Monument In Sector 1, International Doll Museum in Sector 23, Government Museum and Art Gallery in Sector 10.Furthermore, the city boasts of several gardens which include Garden of Fragrance in Sector 36, Valley of Animals in Sector 49, Butterfly Park in Sector 23, The Terraced Garden in Sector 33 and The Japanese Garden in Sector 31.

The city is also rich in its cultural heritage and is known well for the cultures that confluence here from two distinct states. In the recent times, the city has also developed a large student population who come here to prepare for the entrance exams; be it for engineering or in the medical field. This change in the inhabitant background over time has led to a creation of a diverse culture in Chandigarh. You will be easily able to find people from nearby states in the city. All in all, the city has a very amiable atmosphere and is known for welcoming everyone with open arms. Another distinct trend in the city that we will talk about here is related to massage and spa treatments.

Massages: Why are they needed?

No one will disagree to the fact that we tire ourselves like anything in today’s cut throat competitive world and all we are left with is–no time for ourselves! With this trend going on over a certain period of time, do human bodies tend to speak about their distresses –no? So, the dire need of the hour is to keep the balance of work and health intact. This can be achieved through the wonderful processes of massages and spa treatments; they give your body cells a complete new life and rejuvenate them. You just wouldn’t want to miss out the benefits, body massages provide you with and what’s more –at affordable and pocket friendly prices too! Whenever you feel low and lifeless, just hop into one of the massage and spa centers to create wonders for yourself. There are various kinds of massages and spa treatments available in the market viz. Ayurvedic Massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue etc.

Ayurvedic Massages

The most popular type of massage in Chandigarh is Ayurvedic Massage that has numerous benefits and almost negligible side effects. The Ayurvedic Massage has certain techniques and methodologies involved which has a great relaxing effect on the body and soul. Ayurveda is basically a form of massage that has its roots in the herbal and natural extracts. All the oils, creams and Ubtans are thus, completely organic in nature and are free from any harmful side effects. These Ayurvedic techniques are brought to you for gaining the optimum benefit from nature and utilizing them to get peace of mind and a relaxed body. What makes Ayurveda so popular and widely used is that the derivatives used in the massage process have a long history attached. Ayurveda is definitely one of the oldest forms of organic treatment dating back to several centuries.

Talking about the processes involved in the Ayurvedic Massage, certain steps and principles are always followed. This ensures that the person receiving a massage gets utmost benefit out of it, and all the standards are always maintained. The Ayurvedic Massage is specially known for the ways, it can treat certain body problems like pain in muscles and ligaments, nervous system related disorders, body tension, pain in joints, etc. The massage oils that are used for Ayurvedic Massages are specially known for releasing friction out of the body and maintaining constant heat throughout the same. This gives an immense relaxing sensation and makes you feel good.

Other than Ayurvedic massages, one can also choose other massage therapies like the most commonly opted Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy massage, deep tissue massage and others. While Swedish massage aims for proper blood circulation and relaxation of the entire body, neuromuscular massage aims at treating chronic pain in the nerves and the muscles. These are opted for when there are repetitive movement injuries. Deep tissue massage is also a widely opted massage therapy in which the pressure is laid upon the tendons, tissues, muscles and nerves deep under the skin.

Shiatsu Massage and Thai Massage aim at acupressure treatment with the use of rhythmic movements of the fingers and helps in the proper flow of the energies called Chi.

Massage and Spa centers in Chandigarh

The trend of massages and spa has spread greatly in Chandigarh in the past couple of years. Many new Ayurvedic Massage centres have opened in the area, sensing the prosperity of the same. Some of the popular massage centres in Chandigarh are Kerala Ayurvedic Massage & Panchkarma Centre, Dr. Aggarwal's Ayurvedic Panchakarma & Research Centre, Dr. Ajayita's Charak Ayurvedic Clinic, Nidanam, etc. Other spa and wellness centres, following western therapies are also easily available.

This trend is definitely not going to back out in the coming years. People nowadays are so busy that they have no time for themselves. Here Massage sessions come in to the picture. They are a great way to remove the lethargy in your body tissues and spend some quality time relaxing and enjoying peace. What more do you need if you receive all this so close to nature and ages back to several hundreds of years.It’s high time now to get going and avail the numerous benefits that Ayurvedic Massage has to offer! Connect with us and get directed to a right spa and massage in Chandigarh.

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